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Hi! I'm Bailey Wynn plant slinger, dog mom, and chicken-tendy connoisseur! In my spare time you'll find me jamming out to 90's hip-hop while searching for the next best greenhouse with my spotted Chiweenie Rawling.

In 2016, I found out I had Hyperthyroidism and spent lots of time at home until my Thyroid was back to normal and controlled. To keep it short and not sappy, I discovered succulents & cacti while being very sick and became overly obsessed with how unique they are. I found when I would plant succulents and read about them, my daily stresses of being sick just didn't exist. So, my small apartment quickly turned into what looked like a plant shop of sad and happy succulents through my trial and error of learning about each one. Forced to become creative if I wanted to continue buying them without running out of space in my one bedroom apartment. Someone sarcastically gave me the idea to sell them at the flea market, and I actually thought "why not" and nervously decided to sign up. I set up a card table at the local Flea Off Market event and sold succulents in mini tera cotta pots that I bought from Home Depot and various greenhouses. People loved them, and this is what started it all! I continued each month to go back to the Flea Off market while building my inventory & learning to create arrangements. Bloomed Roots truly grew out of a newfound love for succulents and cacti, and what began as a stress-relieving hobby blossomed into a business.  

About The Company

At Bloomed Roots, we are committed to quality and customer service. We provide premium, one of a kind blooms, handcrafted arrangements, & custom floral designs. 

Located in Louisville, Kentucky, Bloomed Roots currently offers local delivery & pick-up. We love hosting events and classes, where we can share our passion and knowledge with fellow plant lovers. Custom designs are available by ordering online or you can check out our collection of fresh floral arrangements. Contact us at to schedule a consultation. We specialize in creating arrangements inspired by your unique space or special event. 

Keep Blooming,

Bailey Wynn

Founder of Bloomed Roots