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Our Story

Meet The Owner

I am a self-taught floral designer, obsessed dog mom, and chicken-tendy connoisseur. While I love being a big homebody with my weenie dog Rawling, I just as much enjoy traveling and exploring. 

In 2016, I found out I had Hyperthyroidism and spent lots of unwanted time at home until my health finally improved. To keep it short and not sappy, I discovered all things plants & florals while figuring out my health and I became overly obsessed with how unique the beauty around us can be. I found when I would arrange succulents and read about them, my daily stresses of being sick just didn't exist. So, my small apartment quickly turned into what looked like a plant shop of sad & happy succulents through my trial and error of learning about each one. Forced to become creative due to lack of space, if I wanted to continue my new plant obsession - someone sarcastically gave me the idea to sell them at the flea market, and I actually thought "why not" and nervously decided to sign up. I set up a card table at the local Flea Off Market event & sold succulents in basic terra cotta pots that I had collected. People loved them and this is what started it all! I continued each month to go back to the Flea Off Market while building my inventory & learning to create arrangements bigger and better. Bloomed Roots truly grew out of a newfound love for succulents and botanicals, and what began as a stress-relieving hobby blossomed into a business of all things mother nature.  

Keep Blooming,

Bailey Wynn

Founder of Bloomed Roots